Vulcanising Services

Vulcanisation from the Industry Experts

GVS (UK) utilise the latest vulcanising technology by monitoring and controlling all aspects of the process, including validity of all raw materials. Meeting and exceeding belt manufacturers recommended step length and splice length, monitoring pressure and temperature of the vulcanisation process from start to finish.

GVS (UK) specialise in mobile screens, crushers and the recycling industries. We can vulcanise conveyor belting on site or in house to order. New and old belting such as chevron, plain, side wall, mag belts, grip top, friction back. We also supply fasteners and tools that include; Flexco® plate fasteners, rivet hinge clip joints, drum lagging, rollers and idle sets. GVS (UK) can supply new and secondhand rubber products, drums, chute lining, belt cleaning and scrapers. Every product can be either supplied direct or fitted onsite.

GVS (UK) regularly works with businesses in Chesterfield, Derby and throughout Yorkshire. We offer a 24-hour UK wide call out service to all customers.

vulcanised rubber

Hot or Cold Vulcanised Joints…

Hot Vulcanised Joints

The need for Hot Vulcanised Joints is usually dependable on the circumstances and the type of conditions in which they must function. All GVS (UK) hot joints utilise the latest range of Shaw Almex Vulcanising presses.

Cold Vulcanised Joints

Cold joints are only used were hot vulcanising is not possible and are produced using the same process but with specialised tools and specific glue.

For more information about our Vulcanised Joints call GVS (UK) on: 01246 456111 / 07830 162957 / 07830 162958.